Prince Of Persia Flash

Prince Of Persia ROM is an old notable game that we've passed through hundred times though that we haven't lost our interest to. Many of contemporary gamers and simply PC users spent their early days playing this one from dusk till dawn. At the first glance Prince Of Persia game looks but don't be deceived in this initial impression. First time you will surely not be able to finish all 12 levels in 60 minutes given. And only after thorough investigation of all pecularities of each level you will succeed in winning this awesome game.

So hurry up - you have just one hour to fulfil your quest and save the princess that you love from evil Jaffar's captivity.

You can play Prince Of Persia flash, swf-file, on the main page. Here you may play a Java version.

Enter to start the game. Then use arrows, Z and X to play Prince Of Persia Online.

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