Prince Of Persia Online

The game scene in Prince Of Persia Online from Broderbund is laid in ancient Persia. The war is on and Sultan has to leave his palace to help his country on the battlefield. While he is absent the control over Persia is taken by his vizier Jaffar. He captures Sultan's daughter and sends her beloved (main character) to jail. He gives the princess a severe choice: marry him or die in torments.

The Prince Of Persia game itself starts when you find yourself in jail that is a large labyrinth consisting of 12 levels. On each level dozens of guards, immortal skelethons and dangerous traps like knives and pole axes coming out of the ground are waiting for you. In the end of the last level you will personally meet Jaffar and if you win you will reunite with your beloved princess.

You can play Prince Of Persia classic directly on this page.

Enter to start the game. Then use arrows, Z and X to play Prince Of Persia Online.

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